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Frequently Asked Questions

What employers can I verify information for through uConfirm?

uConfirm is a single source provider. We can verify information for any employee and employer. If we don’t already have the information, we complete a thorough search and get it for you, click here to request a verification.

If uConfirm cannot provide the requested information, am I still charged a fee?

For requests from employers that we have a direct relationship with, there is no charge. For researched requests, there is still a charge because we have to complete a thorough search to conclude that the data is not available.

Can information be verified over the telephone?

No employee data can be verified over the telephone. If you do not have internet access, we can fax or mail the report to you. Please contact customer support for assistance.

What if I forget my login or password?

Go to VERIFIER or EMPLOYER login page, enter your email address and click the "FORGOT PASSWORD" button to have a password reset emailed to you.

If I am an employee, can I verify my employment through uConfirm?

Yes, if you are an employee and have been referred to uConfirm to verify your employment, please contact uConfirm for special assistance.

If I am a social service agency, can I verify employment through uConfirm?

If you are a social service agency and need to verify employment, please fax your request to 1-404-829-1336.

What are the minimum browser requirements for uConfirm?

uConfirm is designed to work with all modern web browsers. The only browser requirements are a web browser that supports HTML 5, JavaScript, and temporary session cookies.

How do I get a copy of the employee authorization form?

Use the signed authorization form that you previously secured from the applicant/employee.

How do I get the Authorization Form to uConfirm?

Log in to your uConfirm eManager. There you can obtain instructions on uploading or faxing the form to uConfirm.

The FAQ didn't answer my question. What should I do?

If you have additional questions, please contact us.