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A single source for information on any employee in the U.S. — if we don’t already have the data, we complete a thorough search and get it for you.

Employer Benefits

Employers turn to uConfirm® so they no longer have to respond to employment and income verification requests from lenders, pre-employment screeners, property managers and social service agencies.

Verifier Benefits

To verify someone’s employment or income, there is no easier solution than uConfirm®.

Employee Benefits

Timely and accurate employment verifications are a benefit to employees during major life events (new home, new job, etc). uConfirm’s uniquely secure process gives employees the peace of mind that their data is only released to authorized verifiers with the employee’s consent.

TCC Solutions

TCC delivers tax incentive and human resources technology-enabled services, specializing in solutions for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), income and employment verification, research & development tax credits, sales and use tax incentives and other federal and state tax incentives.

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