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Fortune 100 software developer finds trusted partner for sensitve data

Delivering dependable VOE services in a secure environment, we removed the burden this client was experiencing with their current process. Our solution employed safeguards to address concerns over access to PII and eliminated negative feedback.

The Background

This company has always stood out in the marketplace as a developer of powerful interfaces to manage large amounts of sensitive data. As such, they took very seriously their role as stewards of their employees’ personal data. The company was experiencing sub-par service from their VOE provider, as evidenced by dissatisfaction from both verifiers and employees. In vetting service providers to take over their account, our unique approach to ensuring data security provided critical value.

TCC Approach

Investing in Security:

  • Our secure, paperless, online process required verifications to include a signed employee authorization. That security protocol limited access and delivered ultimate accountability.

Best-in-Class Service:

  • Our exceptional customer service approach took ownership of the VOE process. Our single source solution promptly addressed the needs of the employer their employees and all verifiers.

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